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Oil and gas exploration and the wealth it generates is so closely tied to Texas that oil is popularly referred to as "Texas Tea." Domestic oil and gas exploration is enjoying a resurgence and Texas, once again, is leading so strongly that, as U.S. output is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia in 2017, Texas now ranks 12th in the world in oil production earning the name "Saudi-Texas."

The KRANDEE GROUP has deep ties to Texas and strong partnerships in oil and gas exploration and production. Well known and respected names like British Petroleum, Davis Holdings LLC, Rose Joint Venture, Arcadia Exploration and Production, and others represent nearly a century of experience and success in oil and gas. They have generated the type of wealth that has made Texas and the nation strong. These operators often fund their own projects owning all the risk along with the profits.

The KRANDEE GROUP participates in these projects because it believes they have a high probability to become profitable while minimizing risk. KRANDEE endeavors to select projects that have potential to pay out in under two years with the goal of generating at least; a 4:1 return. Direct participation working interest is a simple strategy for success and simplicity keeps it profitable. They say success is not always what you know but, who you know. Maybe its time you get to know The KRANDEE GROUP!

The best way to know KRANDEE is through the KRANDEE INSIDER!

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It takes the right combination of expertise and integrity to create a profitable project. The right people are the difference between success and failure!


Proven finds are the next key to KRANDEE's success. Fewer dry wells than the industry average with yields generating higher than average profits!


KRANDEE's Strategy is to realize, at least, a 4:1 ROI with pay outs in 18 months or less. That's industry leading revenue in record time!

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