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The Krandee Group Vision

We plan to increase the value of our company's portfolio, with low risk proven and proven undeveloped (PUD) oil and gas projects. We are committed to utilizing the best practices in acquisitions, syndications, while achieving leadership and operating excellence. "We know how to do it right the first time."

Success in Oil and Gas For 30 Plus Years

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After decades of dealing with some of the brightest minds in the energy business, The Krandee Group has developed an impressive portfolio with a history of generating wealth, educating newcomers on safe strategies, but also how to avoid the growing number of scams and get rich quick schemes. Our locations of economically successful wells since 2010 speaks volumes.

Founded in 1997 by Larry Ripaldi, As an industry partner the Krandee Group has paid big dividends over decades. Every project is highly scrutinized for its potential to generate strong revenue with low risk why? The operator utilizes its own capital, owns the greatest interest and has the most to gain or lose.

Krandee's success comes down to three main components: People, Location, and Economics.

Business is really about relationships and The Krandee Group is keen on developing and maintaining relations with the right people, the right way for the long haul. Who you know can make or break a business venture and the wrong team can be a huge distraction from the main goal which is, "minimize The Krandee Group depends on Alicia Trotter, office admin, to keep the office running smoothlyrisk and maximize profits". You should enjoy and trust the people you do business with and with Krandee, it's as much like a family as possible. Large enough to have strength and stability but not too big that you can't call everyone by name.

Knowing your location is the next vital key to success. The geologists are among the industry's best and the finds are proven. The yields are solid, the payouts come quick, and the dry holes are kept to a bare minimum. The Krandee Group placed its roots in Texas and Texas has come through in a big way. The reserves in the Lone Star State rival Saudi Arabia's and place Texas 12th in the world in oil production. That makes Texas a nation for all intents and purposes and Krandee's projects are all deep in the heart, so to speak.

Those keys unlock the economics that make The Krandee Group's strategy successful. That's powerful no matter how you look at it and the way Krandee looks at it, those numbers are hard to beat.

Meet Our Team

Larry Ripaldi

Chairman, President, CEO
214 227-0161

Mr. Ripaldi brings a strong background in management, sales and marketing. He first began his lease acquisitions and oil and gas syndications in early 1974. Over the past 30 years, he has played a prominent role in the capacity of senior management, developing two of the nation's largest telecommunications industries. Over 40 years, he has been a successfull industry partner with many oil giants in the Rockies and now concentrates on select projects in Texas.

Patrick Kelleher

Consulting Geologist/Geophysicist
214 227-0161

Patrick Kelleher, Geologist/Geophysicist has over 30 years of vast experience in the Gulf Coastal Region of Texas. A founder of many successful O&G fields serves as our independent consultant, he evaluates all prospects as to their geological worthiness, either to confer or disqualify our industry partners projects. Mr. Kelleher reviews all "recommendations for completion" from our industry partners and then provides an independent recommendation as to whether we and our industry partners should attempt the completion of the well in question.

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