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Davis Holdings L.P.


It is easy to be successful when you have an industry partner that has the caliber of excellence and expertise like Davis Holdings, L.P. The levels of success they have achieved in the business is, quite literally, historic. They have never been content to rest on their, justly deserved laurels. Instead, they continue to work hard to give back to the industry that has given so much to them.

Davis Holdings L.P.focus area is in Hardin, Polk, Tyler, Jasper  and  Newton Counties, Texas where the success of exploration efforts has been in the Yegua and Wilcox sands. Davis Holdings L.P. is one of the top producers in Hardin and Polk County, Texas. and continues to actively lease, drill and produce  in this area. Its latest area of discovery (2010) through May 2016 has generated 1,451,000 BO and 8.8 BCF of gas has been produced  from this newly discovered area  since January 2011- April 2016 generating revenues  over $140 million dollars and it's just the beginning.  Continued development is planned for several more years. .. Southeast Texas is one of the many primary areas of exploration for the company, targeting the Yegua and Wilcox formations. The company currently owns over 10,000 net acres of leases and options in this general area.   The Davis family entered the oil and gas business  in the early  20's and  continues  to explore, discover and  produce to this day.   The Krandee Group was excited when the opportunity arose  (through a dear friend)  over 16 years ago to participate with them in several of their discoveries.

Working with the industry's best means consistent revenue even in the lean times. The indicators show the lean times are past and the boom time has started. The energy sector is going to be the best place to be for the foreseeable future!

Lucky Leon Field - The Lucky Leon Field was discovered in 2001 by Davis Bros. It is the largest discovery in the non-pressured Yegua in the last 30 years in southeast Texas. It is estimated that current recoverable reserves are 28 billion cubic feet of gas and 4 million barrels of oil.

Mineral Holdings - The Davis's owns/and or manages in excess of 500,000 gross acres of minerals in twenty-two states. These minerals involve The Alliance Life Insurance Company, The Central Standard Life Insurance Co., The Commerce Trust Bank, The Wilbe Lumber Co., and numerous interest of individuals and estates. A key philosophy of Davis, is not to develop these minerals until it has first considered participating in the drilling of wells.

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