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  • Our track record in oil and gas projects spans decades.
  • Our approach is to work on projects with low risk and high ROI.
  • The Krandee Insider profiles the projects and the players that make it work.
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Oil and gas projects are not for everyone. Those with a passion for the business and a tolerance for the risks are the ones who reap the considerable rewards when the profits roll in. The Krandee Group has enjoyed long term success by choosing the right industry partners and putting in place a long term strategy. The Krandee Insider is the resource for those who want to know how Krandee does it right the first time:


Get the Insider's look at the best and brightest in the oil and gas industry. Krandee's industry partners shape the energy business now and in the future with game changing strategies and technologies.

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You are fortunate if you can find wealth in your own backyard. When that backyard is Texas, that wealth can take on global proportions. Some of the greatest oil discoveries are pumping wealth for Krandee.

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The best days for oil and gas are now and into the foreseeable future. That kind of wealth and opportunity attracts both the best and the worst. The Krandee Insider points out the best and exposes the scams.

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Insider Features

  • Insider articles written by and featuring the movers and shakers in the oil business.
  • Insights and recommendations from the founder, president and CEO of the Krandee Group, Larry Ripaldi.
  • Profiles of the many low risk, high return projects the Krandee Group and its industry partners operate.
  • The Krandee Group's market insights on the main drivers of the oil and gas industry nationally and globally.
  • The Krandee Group's review of the best practices in wealth strategy.
  • Insights on the weird trick that means the difference between success and failure in the oil and gas business.

The best way to safely navigate the oil and gas business:

  • know the track record of the operators
  • understand drilling and exploration
  • make sure the latest techniques and technologies are in use
  • understand the market forces in play globally
The Krandee Group has decades history in the oil and gas industry and a proven track record of success. The industry partners Krandee works with are leaders and innovators in drilling and exploration. They usually own and fund, at least, 90% of the projects they undertake. The Krandee Group participates in these proven, low risk projects and knows the industry's best practices. The Krandee Group gets it right the first time!

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