The oil and gas sector offers numerous opportunities for investment. The Krandee Group's strategy involves direct participation working interest and oil and gas projects that offer cash flow and tax benefits specific to oil and gas investments.

Direct Participation Program Basics
Oil and gas fuel 88% of all the world's energy and show no signs of being replaced in the foreseeable future. Both developing and industrialized countries run on oil and gas with the U.S. and China being the leading consumers. The economic forces of supply and demand are easily seen in this market. Demand is how much of a product is desired by buyers at a specific price. Supply is how much the market can offer.

After this point, things get complicated: in the oil market, neither supply nor demand is elastic in that, a large price increase results in only a small change in demand. No matter how expensive gas is, you can't readily switch to something else, so, you pay the price. When cold temperatures force you to heat your home, the only option is to pay more. If gas prices were to fall by half, you don't suddenly drive twice as far or heat your home twice as hot. This is what economists call an inelastic situation.

Most other commodities in our economy have alternatives. As an example, if the price of beef gets too high, we can eat chicken, and so on. With oil prices, there are few if any viable alternatives for businesses or individuals. This makes oil the "new gold"- a financial asset investors can turn to as a haven from rising inflation and a weakening dollar. Returns on oil and gas investments can provide a hedge against the losses we all feel in the day to day economy especially in an inflationary period.

Direct Participation Programs with their tax advantages and incentives coupled with the powerful economic forces driving oil and gas prices make this current oil boom a great time to contact Krandee for a program that's your best fit.

Working with the industry's best means consistent revenue even in the lean times. The indicators show the lean times are past and the boom time has started. The energy sector is going to be the best place to be for the foreseeable future!

This is the best time to be an insider in today's oil and gas boom and The Krandee Group knows the oil business inside so, if you are not reading the Krandee Insider, you may be missing the very insights that can mean the difference between success and failure in oil and gas investments.

It's not what you know, but, who you know and the Krandee Group is the one to know for inside insights.

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