The unique position oil and gas tax benefits occupy in our nation's and the world's economy make it one of the most desirable and sound investments available. The fact that there is no suitable substitute for the role oil and gas play in driving industry and creating wealth has economists refering to oil as the "new gold" and a safe haven commodity in inflationary times. This prompted Congress to put in place the numerous exemptions and tax benefits that keep oil and gas drilling and exploration attractive to accredited investors.

Reasons To Invest in Oil and Gas
Demand - Demand for oil and gas is entrenched in our infrastructure.

It's a Hedge - The volatility of today's have prices on a rollercoaster. Investing insulates against movements on stocks or interest rates.

Tax Benefits - Congress has written write-offs for drilling and other oil related activities into the tax code.

Diversification - A direct participation investment adds a lucrative egg to a potentially shakey basket.

Potential Cash Flow - Cash flow is tied to the price of oil and gas and the trend has been positive.

There are thousands upon thousands of petroleum-based products that we rely on every day. Through direct participation programs in oil and gas, investors actually own a portion of a well and receive a share of the cash flow generated via monthly disbursements. In addition to the income potential, oil and gas investments offer substantial tax benefits, which the U.S. government has designed to encourage domestic drilling. Since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, direct participation programs in oil and gas are one of the few remaining investments that allow investors to shelter income, making it one of the most tax advantaged investments today.

Oil and gas is not without risk and is not for everyone. There are no guarantees of performance and volatility in world markets and global politics have their impact. It should also be noted that oil and gas are depleting assets. For qualified investors, a Direct Participation Program would be the best way to invest and is the only way the Krandee Group recommends.

Working with the industry's best means consistent revenue even in the lean times. The indicators show the lean times are past and the boom time has started. The energy sector is going to be the best place to be for the foreseeable future!

This is the best time to be an insider in today's oil and gas boom and The Krandee Group knows the oil business inside and out. If you are not reading the Krandee Insider, you are missing the insights that can mean the difference between success and failure in the oil and gas business.

It's not what you know, but, who you know and the Krandee Group is the one to know for inside insights.

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