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It should be common sense. Oil and gas equals prosperity and wealth. Despite the best efforts of the nay-sayers, there are no better alternatives for powering a nation's security and innovation. The energy produced when its resources are tapped and put to use are a powerful economic engine. Every revolution in industry and economic advance is tied to oil and gas discoveries. Dr. Kent Moors wrote in Oct. 2013,

"...crude oil has begun to replace gold as the standard of reference in determining the overall condition of the economy.  That is, crude oil has started to become a store of value when the markets start to head south.

The fact Brent is moving up faster than WTI reveals some renewed upward pressures on oil prices from other sources, primarily geopolitical."

KGI ProjectsThe KRANDEE Group's success strategy leverages common sense as the foundation of its strategy for building sound wealth and security for the long haul. KRANDEE's oil prices are based on Brent and are typically $10 more than other price indices. KRANDEE's gas typically sells for 20-30% more than others because of its rich BTU content. KRANDEE's industry partners understand not only the oil and gas industry, but also know how to navigate the global market forces impacting fuel prices.

Utilizing the state of the art in exploration and extraction technologies is the other component in maximizing returns and that is where KRANDEE's industry partners shine. The projects take place in fields that have extremely high porosity, usually 30-36%, nearly double the norm, and high permeability. This means there is no need for fracking and the fields provide long term, sustained, stable production. KRANDEE projects yield the best numbers in the industry and that makes the high returns possible.

It should be noted that most people think of oil and gas projects in terms of "Big Oil" or the major name operators and companies whose names most often make the news. Those with a discerning ear for this market are noting the increased buzz about the "Small Oil" companies that are driving the new surge in exploration and drilling. In a recent article for MSN Money's The Street, Jonathan Yates writes,

"Small Oil" companies ... should benefit the most from the increasing need for oil and natural gas around the world in the years ahead. Other than the dividend income increasing, there is little to expect in the way of total return growth from ... Big Oil firms.

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While there's no such thing as a sure bet, the KRANDEE Strategy is to make the safest bet possible by working with the right people, in the right location, with the right economic strategy for success. This "keep it simple strategy" keeps the KRANDEE Group sound and growing and makes dollars and sense.

The KRANDEE Group packs all that common sense knowledge and more into the KRANDEE Insider. The KRANDEE Insider is fast becoming the number one resource for people seeking a sensible approach to oil and gas when common sense is in short supply. CLICK HERE to get The KRANDEE Insider.