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Krandee's Track Record of Success ...

"Know where" is as important to KRANDEE's success as "know how". Drilling in Texas makes good sense but, drilling in proven reserves efficiently and cost effectively is the key to maximizing returns. KRANDEE's industry partners are so confident in their own projects they self fund the majority of each project. Since the early 20's they have made historical large discoveries, maintained a good track record, well known in the industry and a very good reputation. Their conservative nature and expertise has continued to keep their profits high and risks to a minimum.

The KRANDEE GROUP participates with these operators on projects that reveal to greatly have returns of from 4:1 to as high as 8:1. Many have paid out in under one year with total production from the area approaching $50 million annually (2014). These are direct participation, direct working interest oil and gas projects that are consistent performers with proven track records:

This is the best approach to oil and gas investing and investments. Pay close attention to the graphs included with the featured projects and note that these are only a few of the projects in the portfolio!

They say timing is everything. This is the best time to know The KRANDEE GROUP!

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Big River field

Big River Field

Primavera Field

Primavera Field